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/What You See Is What You Get/
You believe you are seeing a sculpture but what you see might be a painting. You believe you have found trash but trash might have found you. You believe that this is an object but the object might be you. You believe that you are staring into the void but the void might be staring back at you. How do you put the outside and the inside in one container (that you call ME)? Are you a container (for the outside and the inside) or are you contained? Does the world start and end with what you see? Where does the world start, where does it end? Does the world start, does it end? ([Enlightened] Consciousness is a torch. Wherever it is directed to there is light [and you can see] - but what about the [infinite number of] other directions?) Do you believe that what you look at is innocent? Do you believe that your look at what you see is innocent / genuine? Do you believe? Is it aleatoric or conscious effort? Is conscious effort aleatoric? Is it just a game or is it serious? Is the game serious? Is it chance or is it fate? Is fate chance? Is it complete nonsense or IS it?
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